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Seen’ Exhibition
Newlyn Art Gallery & Exchange

mural design 

Exhibited alongside Francis Bacon, Flo Brooks, David Hockney
Made possible by Newlyn Art Gallery & the Arts Council Collection


Conduct a workshop with 15 young LGBTQ+ people in Cornwall to understand what it means to be ‘seen’ in rural England. The workshops should inform two large-scale pieces to be displayed alongside the Arts Council Collection exhibition (ft work from Francis Bacon, Flo Brooks, David Hockney)


In the workshop we explored the importance of representation within art and culture – and the many sides of what it means to be “seen. I asked open-ended questions such as, “What do we risk by being seen?”, “Does it matter to be seen?”, and “Does visibility equal equality?”. The young people explored these topics in conversation and by creating their own art - from which I developed a mural and a data window design.

Outcomes: Mural

Outcomes: Window

The window design shows snippets of the personal experiences for the outside to see.

Photo by Ian Kingsnorth

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