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Bristol Beacon

Logo Design • Visual Identity • Mural Design 
Winner of Transform Awards Europe 2022


I was honored to be selected to lead this transformative visual branding project (with the support of Saboteur Studio and Rising Arts Agency) following a re-naming journey to shed ties to slave trader Edward Colston. Put simply, the mission was to set music free.


My goal was to craft a design that was expressive, personal, inclusive, and unfiltered. It was important to me that the concept be created by hand to convey genuine care and human touch.

I centered the design around the idea of an expanding source of light, a metaphor for the venue's influence and reach in the city. This light could be made louder or quieter, dynamically adjusting to suit the message and mood.

Most of all, I wanted the visual identity to be welcoming and joyful – a bright departure from its previous ties.



Kind words

“Rosa is astonishing. Her clarity of thought and vibrant, playful creativity produce extraordinary results. She is a true artist, and working with her has been unforgettable and inspiring.” – Nick Eagleton from Saboteur Studio

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