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Live illustration by RTiiiKA for conferences, Zoom meetings and hybrid events.

Whether you work in a corporate context, academia or you’re a CEO who wants me to capture your vivid dreams - i can do the job.

So, why work with a live illustrator?

  • Accessibility: Simplify complex ideas in real time. Visual note-taking helps people listen, understand and retain information.

  • Increase engagement: Makes your event memorable to participants. Gives you more shareable social media content to shout about.

  • Leave an impression: whether hybrid or IRL, live ‘scribing’ can be shared as an image after the event, made into a postcard or displayed as artwork.

What do you get? 

  • Artwork with a message: I combine handwritten legible text with images that tell a story, using humour and a bit of artistic
    . And the image is yours to keep. 

  • It’s all ‘on brand’, baby: My illustration will incorporate your visual identity, working with your unique brand colours.

  • Timeless timelapse video: If digitally made, I will provide the making process video for you to use across social media.

Elevate your next event with live illustration from an artist who gets what you do, and brings it to life.

Get in touch


How much does it cost?  
Every job is bespoke (depending on the size, materials, location, time) but my package offer starts at £650.

Do you travel for illustration jobs? 
Yes, I can work in person if travel and accommodation are arranged. 

Do you supply your own materials? 
Yes, I do, unless it’s a wall or bespoke surface that you want me to draw on. 

My event is online, how will that work?
I will join the video call and share my live illustration from my device. You can decide whether to highlight the drawing process (and have the participants see the sketching in real-time) - or I can be part of the call with the camera off and share the image afterwards. If you would like a different set-up, I’m happy to discuss it.

Do you do weddings? 
No. I’m only interested in work environments with water coolers.   

What about divorce ceremonies? 
Yes, I would consider that. 

Live illustration example. Capturing responses of young people with complex disabilities – University of Bristol

© RTiiiKA
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