RTiiiKA (”aah-teeka”) is Rosa ter Kuile.

My work spans graphic arts, illustration and street art. My aim is to embrace creativity, to capture the silly and tickle the profound. 

I’m the lead creative behind the Bristol Beacon visual identity, working with Saboteur Studio to bring Bristol’s largest music venue to life.

I’m also the founder of the Bristol Womxn Mural Collective, a group of 250+ women that hosts monthly paint jams and provides support, advice and visibility for women painting murals and street art. 

Besides this, I organise with Rising Arts Agency to make the arts more accessible to young people. 

And, I once made a song about a hoover.

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Clients: Studio Moross, Bristol Beacon,  Newlyn Art Gallery,  Green Party

Workshops / Talks:
2021 – “SEEN”   lgbtq youth  / Newlyn Art Gallery

2020 – AdFree Cities Conference 

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Or say hi at my studio in Centrespace, Bristol, UK. 

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